Whats Good

What's Good is a weekly show co-hosted by Amy Paffrath and Justin Walter. Each week, we talk about feel good news stories, positive vibes, world changers and good samaritans.

Episode 3

This week, Michael Jordon made a huge donation to the Chicago PD plus Amy's husband is moving to the East coast. Watch to find out why!

And...we get sweaty with a fun Brazilian workout know as Cuerpaso with our friend Tadeo who shows us some moves live on the show!

ALS ice bucket challenge leads to an important gene diacocery!

Kids feed homeless

San Francisco kid gets his wish to becoming a garbage man for the day

East coast bike path underway

60 Second Silver Lining takes on a not so great story.

A wannabe rapper in the UK shot himself in the face to get famous. But the good news is?...

Plus, we share YOUR good news from across the globe.