Whats Good

What's Good is a weekly show co-hosted by Amy Paffrath and Justin Walter. Each week, we talk about feel good news stories, positive vibes, world changers and good samaritans.

Episode 2

This week, Greg Louganis finally gets his Wheatie's box, Pokemon GO is still sweeping the nation!

And...Laura Linda Bradley is on the show!

A girl forms an unbreakable bond with her rescued deaf dog

80 year old couple crossed a marathon finish line hand in hand

A possible Alzheimers vaccine is on the way

Los Angeles has more ground water than we thought

LAURA LINDA BRADLEY from You Tube's The Laura Show chats about her philanthropic endeavors

60 Second Silver Lining takes on a not so great story.

The bad news is Victoria Beckham caught some major heat for posting this picture kissing her daughter on the lips, on instagram.

Plus, we share YOUR good news from across the globe.